Son of Olive Branch mayor arrested after refusal to take DUI test

The DeSoto County Sheriff's

Department says the son of Olive Branch Mayor Sam Rikard was

arrested Friday morning after he refused to take a DUI test.

Authorities say Michael Paul Rikard was stopped by Patrolman

Jaime Simmons at 12:29 a.m. on Old Goodman Road near Maple Grove.

Chief Steve Atkinson of the DeSoto County Sheriff's Department

said Simmons charged Rikard with refusing a DUI test and with

careless driving.

Rikard's Mississippi driver's license was automatically

suspended for 90 days because of the refusal.

Rikard may face other consequences such as a requirement to

attend the Mississippi Alcohol Safety Education Program, the Victim

Impact program, up to two days in jail, plus a fine and court