Editorial: Tis Not the Season



December 4, 2007

Normally we understand, and even applaud, work being done on our roads, highways, streets and other infrastructure in spite of the inconvenience it may cause, because we know the work has to be done.  However, judging from the input we've gotten we have to question the wisdom of whether the period between Thanksgiving and Christmas is the best "Ecclesiastical season" for turning one of the busiest parts of Hattiesburg's West Hardy Street into one lane of traffic.

Unless the work is of an emergency nature we--and a number of our viewers--wonder why the work could not have been done at some time during the other eleven months of the year.  Blocking off a lane in an already over-congested street feeding into the main commerce area of a town that is a regional shopping hub for a number of counties at the very time of year when traffic is the heaviest and most frustrating makes us wonder what someone could have been thinking when they decided on the timing of this.

Progress and upkeep is good and essential, but as we eluded earlier,"for everything there is a season."  Methinks this time of year definitely "tis not" the season for extended road work on the already bloated main artery of traffic in town.

I'm Jim Cameron.  Let us know what you think.