Jury pool expanded in Winona murder trial

A larger jury pool has been called for the capital murder trial of Curtis Giovanni Flowers.

By Wednesday, defense attorneys and prosecutors had run through nearly all the potential jurors called to Montgomery County Circuit Court when the trial opened Monday. An additional 100 prospective jurors were called.

Defense attorneys and prosecutors hoped to seat a jury today.

Flowers is charged in the 1996 shooting deaths of four people in a Winona furniture store where he worked.

He has been tried three times and sentenced to death three times. All three convictions were thrown out on appeal.

Killed in the shooting store owner Bertha Tardy, 59; store employees Derrick Stewart, 16, and Carmen Rigby, 45; and deliveryman Robert Golden, 42.

Prosecutors say a motive for the shooting was Flowers being upset that Tardy had withheld money from his paycheck to cover the price of goods he damaged.

District Attorney Doug Evans has said he will not pursue the death penalty in the fourth trial.