Triton lays off undisclosed number of workers in Long Beach

ATM-maker Triton Systems has laid off workers at its Long Beach headquarters and manufacturing plant, but the company won't reveal how many.

Personnel director Brian Goff says the cuts affected less than one-third of the staff.

Goff says the cutbacks were necessary so the manufacturer could focus on its core business in North America, where its largest markets are.

Before Tuesday's layoffs, Triton had about 500 employees, some of them in Canada, Europe and Memphis.
Goff says jobs cut were made throughout the organization, Goff said, but were "more heavily on the professional side."
He says no more layoffs were planned.
Goff says there were a few cuts to the small staff at the Memphis service office.
He says the layoffs, which were effective immediately, will not reduce production.
Triton is the second largest ATM maker in North America and the fourth largest in the world.
There are 145,000 Triton units operating in 23 countries, according to the company.
Triton was started in 1979 and was bought by publicly traded Dover Corporation in March 2000.