Blakeney gets life for killing grandparents

A Jones County jury has found Wanda Blakeney guilty of murdering her grandparents.

The jury deliberated a little more than an hour Tuesday before convicting Blakeney in the slayings of Willie and Anita Kitchens in July 2006.

The jury heard testimony that Blakeney withdrew $23,000 from her grandparents' bank account, and that she was the only heir to their estate.

Wanda Blakeney testified that she went along with the murder plot because she was afraid of her husband, John Christopher Blakeney, who had abused her and her children.

The husband has already been convicted and sent to prison for life.

The victims were strangled after being stunned by a Taser, and their bodies were placed in a car and driven to a spot near the Wayne County line, where the killers tried to set the car on fire.

Judge Billy Joe Landrum sentenced Blakeney to life in prison on one count of murder, and delayed sentencing on the second conviction.