Attorney: Officials to take 5th in voting irregularities case

An attorney says three Wilkinson County officials will take the Fifth Amendment if asked to testify in a bizarre election challenge.   A hearing resumes today.

Sheriff Reginald Jackson, Circuit Clerk Mon Cree Allen and Supervisor Richard Hollins are in court over a challenge in the Aug. 7 primary.

Ben Piazza Jr., the Jackson attorney representing Hollins' primary opponent, says the officials plan to take the Fifth Amendment, which protects people from self incrimination.

The three races were left off the county's general election ballot pending resolution.

The incumbents were reportedly losing the Democratic primary when the polls closed.

Piazza says they were declared winners after paper ballots were counted by a small group of people, including the sheriff's sister, Easter Prater, the chair of the county's Democratic Executive Committee.

That's when accusations began to surface that someone stuffed the ballot boxes.

An attorney for one of the incumbents says they did nothing wrong.