Sunflower Co. officials investigate fatal fire

Local and state officials are

investigating the cause of fire in which two people died Friday.

Officials said burglar bars may have prevented the people's

escape from the home in the Sunflower community.

Sunflower County Coroner Doug Card identified the victims as

Larry "Ike" Johnson, 50, and Priscilla Ann Peterson, 44.

"They, the two people inside the house, called from inside the

house," Sunflower County Fire Coordinator Mike Prewitt said.

"They were awake and knew what was going on. They were not able to

leave the house because of the burglar bars and doors. For one

reason or another, they were not able to open the doors.

"Firefighters and police got there and did what they could.

They were able to finally get access to the house, but by then,

they found them in one of the rooms of the house."

Sunflower Police Chief Sheila Pointer said her department was


"We won't know anything until we finish the investigation,"

she said.

Card said autopsies have been ordered.