Editorial: Voter ID



November 7, 2007

Last night, shortly after being declared the winner in his bid for Secretary of State, Delbert Hosemann stated that his top priority would be to stamp out voter fraud with one of his main tools being required voter ID.

When you have election results being nullified in Jeff Davis County because of dead or hospitalized people supposedly showing up at the polls, signing the register and  being able to vote—as well as other similar allegations of irregularities elsewhere—I would say that it is about time this issue was forcefully addressed.

There has been some controversy surrounding the call for required voter ID lately, but I have a very hard understanding why anyone would consider it anything less than a good thing.  One has to have a verifiable identification to get a check cashed or any number of other transactions in our society for goodness sake. Why would that not be the case when it comes to something as sacred and necessary to our democratic form of government as voting.

One person, one vote is a pillar on which our democratic republic rests its foundation.  Keeping the voting rolls purged to ensure that every time someone moves from one district to another or passes away is a formidable and largely ineffective endeavor.  Frankly, I find it somewhat incredible that we haven't had some form of voter identification in place all along.  It is needed to avoid corruption. It needs to be fair to all, but that shouldn't be difficult to achieve.

Here's hoping that Mr. Hosemann stays on task and is able to get cooperation out of the Legislature to get a badly needed common sense measure in place to make sure that a prospective voter is indeed who they say they are when they exercise this wonderful right and obligation of casting a ballot.

I'm Jim Cameron.  Write and let us know what you think.