Ex-jailers sentenced in Harrison Co. inmate abuse case

A federal judge has sentenced five former Harrison County jailers for their involvement in inmate abuse at the local jail.

Monday, U.S. District Judge Louis Guirola Junior sentenced four to prison time and one - Timothy Brandon Moore - to house arrest.

Moore was sentenced to four months of house arrest and five years' probation. Guirola said it's likely Moore will be the only one of the defendants to receive such leniency because Moore walked off his job in 2005 after witnessing abuse at the jail.

Former jailer Ryan Teel, the only defendant found guilty at trial, received a life prison sentence this past week for charges related to the murder of inmate Jessie Lee Williams, Jr., in February 2006. Regina Rhodes, who broke the code of silence in the case six months later, was sentenced to 18 months in prison.

Guirola gave Morgan Thompson 48 months in prison. He gave Jeffrey Priest 21 months. Karle Stolze received 15 months.

Guirola allowed each to remain free on unsecured bonds. They must report to a designated federal prison by noon January 14th, 2008, or to the U.S. Marshal's Service if a prison hasn't been selected by then.

Others awaiting sentencing were Dedri Caldwell, Daniel Evans, Preston Wills and Brodrick Fulton.