Ole Miss' Faculty Senate agrees with frat's suspension

The University of Mississippi's Faculty

Senate has passed a resolution backing Delta Kappa Epsilon's

nine-month suspension but wants the actions that led up to the

suspension reviewed, officials announced Friday.

The fraternity was suspended after Freshman Jeremiah Taylor, 18,

said he was called a racial slur and was pushed down stairs while

attending a Delta Kappa Epsilon party Aug. 22 on the Oxford campus.

"We are concerned about persistent patterns of social

segregation by race at the University of Mississippi, particularly

among student organizations," the senate wrote in its resolution.

The senate asked that the Chancellor's Committee on Sensitivity

and Respect look into the reasons behind the behavior.

Initially the university handed down a one-year suspension Sept.

14 after a university judicial council determined the fraternity

had been guilty of violating five counts of the student code of

conduct. The council found the fraternity guilty of violations of

harassment, assault, disorderly conduct, possession of alcohol and

hosting an unauthorized party and fined it $1,000.

On Sept. 26, Chancellor Robert Khayat upheld but shortened the

suspension to end June 1, 2008, rather than during the fall of

2008, after the frat filed a second appeal.

The shortened suspension will allow the group to participate in

informal recruiting parties some historically white Greek

organizations host next summer.

But not inducting a class this year could cost the DKEs $50,000

in local and national dues over the next four years, David Easlick

Jr., executive director of the fraternity's national office in Ann

Arbor, Mich., has previously said, according to a

www.clarionledger.com article.

He said the suspension violates the constitutional rights to

gather and have free speech for the entire fraternity. He said the

fraternity's more than 65 members are being punished for a party

that only 15 to 20 attended.

"At most, one or two people said something inappropriate,

including the claimant," he has said. "The penalty is way out of