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Editorial: Witness to a legend


October 1, 2007


Those of us who were around will probably never forget it.  That fateful day back in 1987 when a freshman quarterback, whose name caused even the announcers a bit of a problem because of the way it was spelled, took to the gridiron for Southern Miss and pulled one rabbit out of the hat after another to save the game and defeat Tulane.  Brett Favre continued to dazzle Golden Eagle fans and regardless of the score or the time left on the clock you never felt we were going to lose as long as Brett Favre was on the field.  And...they rarely did.  I had the privilege of being the USM Public Address announcer for Favre's last couple of years and each time I called his name, I had no doubt that I was calling a name that would be announced many times by the greatest sports announcers in the business in the years to come.  This past Sunday I had the pleasure of seeing Bret Favre set the record...and then break it again for the most touchdown passes ever thrown by an NFL quarterback.  He also holds the record...by far...for the most consecutive starts by an NFL quarterback.  He's played in 2 Super Bowls for his beloved Green Bay Packers and been victorious in one...racking up 3 MPV awards along the way.  The boy from "the" Kiln in south Mississippi played high school ball for his Dad who, as coach, didn't run a passing offense.  Who knew?   As quarterback for the Packers for 17 years he has set records galore and has exemplified the toughness, competitiveness, and pure joy in playing the game that has made him a true living legend.  We glad that Brett, his wife Deanna and their two daughters have chosen to make Hattiesburg their permanent home.  After all, he-along with a select handful of others--has helped make Hattiesburg and The University of Southern Mississippi household names all over the nation.  Congratulations to Brett Favre.  And best wishes on keeping the Packer's current season undefeated streak alive.  I'm Jim Cameron...as always...drop us a line about what's on your mind.

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