Councilman says Hattiesburg city employees misuse city-owned cars

Councilman Dave Ware says some Hattiesburg city employees are driving their city-issued vehicles for personal errands.  Ware adds officials need to revisit the policy governing use of the automobiles.

Ware says most city business shuts down at 5:00 p.m., but it's not uncommon to see a city-owned car driving around well after that.

On a Wednesday night when no public meetings were scheduled and there were no emergencies, Ware says he saw a car driving through town. Another night, Ware said a constituent called to complain about a family driving a city-owned vehicle to shop at Wal-Mart.

Mayor Johnny DuPree said he investigated that incident and the person can no longer take city vehicles home.

The city's policy, adopted in 1994, bans the use of the city-owned vehicles for personal reasons and prohibits anyone not on city business from riding in the vehicle.  Ware says the policy is being violated frequently.