New M&M fire station shown to public for 1st time

Members of Jones County's M&M Volunteer Fire Department have a new fire station tonight, 2 years after Hurricane Katrina destroyed their old one.  A 2-story, 5-bay station on Masonite Lake Road cost about $50,000 to build.  But, most of the labor was done for free by community volunteers.

It has a complete kitchen and conference room and a even an old-fashioned fire pole.  Today, an open house was held for the community and free smoke detectors were handed out.

"All of our trucks are in one building...we do have a training facility, even a place to house evacuees from another storm, up to about 30, it's like a temporary shelter that we'll be able to use this for," said Richard O'Neal, chief of the M&M Volunteer Fire Department.

The fire department currently has 14 members, but O'Neal hopes other local residents will join.  If you're interested, you can call Steve Ishee at (601) 428-3812.