Another drug suspect arrested in Hub City

Hattiesburg Police have been busy the last few days making a series of drug arrests and last night, H.P.D.'s NET Team made another sizeable bust.  Officers say a half-pound bag of marijuana and $3,000 in cash was seized during an arrest of a suspect at a residence on Landon Lane.

Taken into custody was 25-year-old Rodney Cooper.  He's facing several felony drug sale and possession charges.  Officers say neighbors noticed a lot of suspicious activity taking place at the home.

"Foot traffic, cars in and out," said officer Greg Holliman of the Hattiesburg Police Department.  "People going in the residence for just a couple of minutes and returning and exiting the residence and leaving," Holliman said.

Officers arrested Cooper without incident around 6:30 last night.

He's being held at the Forrest County Jail.