Lawsuit filed against city and HPD

Two sisters have filed a two-million dollar lawsuit against the City of Hattiesburg and members of its police department.  According to a published report, the lawsuit also names acting police chief Frank Misenhelter and three unidentified officers.

The women claim they were victims of police brutality earlier this year.  In the lawsuit filed on august 30th, Aishah and Jameellah Fox of Grenada say they were verbally and physically abused after being illegally detained.  One of the women, Jameellah Fox, says she was attacked by the three unidentified officers.

She also claims in the lawsuit that she was sprayed with a chemical and body-slammed to the concrete.  Both women say they were eventually uncuffed and allowed to go.

According to the published report, no charges were ever filed against the two women.

Meanwhile, Hattiesburg authorities say an internal investigation has revealed no wrongdoing by the department.