Editorial: 9/11 anniversary


September 10, 2007


Six years ago on September the 11th, 2001, the world as we thought we knew it changed.

When Muslim extremists hijacked four jetliners and used three of them as passenger-filled guided missiles to destroy the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center in New York and badly damage the Pentagon in Washington they killed 3,000 innocent people.  Others died trying to rescue the perishing and still other brave souls went down over a field in Pennsylvania with the highjackers of a plane in destined for Washington.

President Bush warned us then that we were in a war unlike any we had ever experienced.  It was not a war of our choosing.  It was not a war in which victory would, or could, be measured by traditional benchmarks.  We were thrust into a war with terrorist organizations and the governments who supported and condoned them in their fanatical mission to destroy our way of life.

Many brave and heroic Americans have given their lives in various fronts of that war.  Bush predicted that the war would be engaged on many fronts other than the traditional battlefield.  There would be many victories and acts of valor that we would never know about.  Much of the war would be fought in the shadows.  How would we know if we were winning?  His answer was whether or not America continued to be attacked.  In six years, despite their best efforts and fanatical and suicidal zeal, the terrorist still have not been successful in attacking our homeland.  We pray that record stands.

Sure life is a bit different.  There have been deep divisions about the goals and tactics employed in this new kind of war.  But the bottom line is, we have remained safe in our homeland and our flag and our liberty continue to fly high.  May it ever be so.  That is the highest tribute we can give to those who have given their lives on that day six years ago, and in the days since.

I'm Jim Cameron.  Let us not go through the day without a time of reflection on the sacrifices and blessings that have been, and continue to be, uniquely ours.  Let us hear from you.