Marine vet to appear in PBS documentary about World War II

A Hattiesburg veteran is being featured in a new P.B.S. documentary about World War Two.  84-year-old former Marine sergeant Ray Pittman will appear in two segments of the 7-part series, The War, which begins on September 23rd.

The film, directed by award-winning filmmaker Ken Burns, tells the story of World War Two, from both the battlefield and the homefront.  Last evening, Pittman attended a screening of a condensed version of the film in Mobile.

"There were over 500 people interviewed and there were actually 40 selected to go into the film and of course, I was the one from Mississippi...but, it felt real good and it made me realize that a lot of other people think about World War Two veterans with a lot of esteem," Pittman said.

During the war, Pittman worked with a demolition team and served in the Pacific Theater, where he was decorated for bravery.