Three teens arrested for calling threats into Vicksburg schools

Two 13-year-old and one 14-year-old

Warren Central Junior High School students have been arrested for

calling in five bomb threats to local schools over two days this


The cases involving the three girls was turned over to the youth

court. Youth court proceedings are confidential under Mississippi


Vicksburg Warren School District Superintendent James Price said

they will be dealt with severely.

"I'm just as sorry as can be that they did this," Price said.

But "You're not going to get away with this. You're going to be

dealt with swiftly and severely but fairly. It's been in the paper

- if you do this, you're going to suffer the consequences."

On Wednesday, threats were called in at 6:51 a.m. nd 10 a.m. On

Thursday, three calls were made - at 7:20, 10:05 and 10:20 a.m.

Nearly 800 students and 65 teachers and staff at the school were

evacuated four times, officials said.

All the calls were placed to the Warren County E-911 center,

said police and school officials.

Police Chief Tommy Moffett said all the calls were made from a

cell phone. Moffett said the phone believed to be used in the calls

has been recovered. At least two of the calls were made on school

property and another was made on a school bus, he said.

After the first threat Wednesday morning, students were not

evacuated "because they had not entered the building yet," said

Principal Cedric Magee. Students were kept out of the building and

held on the bus until the scene was cleared by authorities, he


Authorities said no devices were found and no students were ever

at risk.

A bomb threat against a school is a felony under Mississippi