Hub schools scramble to reverse declines in ratings

Results are in for student scores on standardized testing from the state, and several Hattiesburg schools didn't do so well.

According to the state Department of Education, none of Hattiesburg's public schools increased in the rankings.

Hattiesburg High dropped from Level 3 to Level 2, which is underperforming.

Hawkins, Woodley, and Rowan elementary schools also received underperforming scores.

School officials, say the numbers are unacceptable and they're already looking at ways to improve.

"Obviously I'm not happy," says Superintendent Annie Wimbish. "And I won't be happy until all of our scores are at the exemplary level. We're focusing on right now some of things that we're doing to increase our test scores.

Wimbish says the Hattiesburg School District has also hired a consultant to come in and do a district-wide assessment on how the schools can improved.

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Statewide picture

Fewer schools across the state have reached the top accreditation levels this year compared to last year.

Mississippi Superintendent of Education Hank Bounds says the results of standardized tests have flatlined. The state Department of Education is putting in place a more rigorous curriculum and assessment system.

The department released this year's preliminary school-by-school results of the state and federal accountability systems yesterday (Thursday). The Board of Education must approve the results before they become final.

The school achievement levels are based on standardized tests that students took in the spring. The state uses a 5-point scale -- Level 1 is low-performing and Level 5 is superior.

Test standardized test results were released about three weeks ago, with achievement and improvement taken into account. They also are used to grade progress under federal No Child Left Behind guidelines.

Thirty-one fewer schools are rated Level 4 or 5 this year than last year. The number of schools rated Level 3, 2 or 1 has increased.