Tate touts college savings plans

It's never too early for parents to start saving for their child's college education and it's also never too soon to educate kids about the importance of that very subject.  That was the reason for a visit by State Treasurer Tate Reeves to Oak Grove Upper Elementary School this morning.

He's reminding youngsters across the state to remind their moms and dads about saving for a higher education.  Recently, Governor Barbour proclaimed September as "College Savings Month."

"The reality is, affordability and accessibility to a college education is becoming an issue for many Mississippi families, so we're trying to stress, start saving now," said Reeves, who addressed two 5th grade classes for a half-hour.

"I think he's right, that we should start saving up and stuff like that so we can be ready for it," said Samantha Papp, one of the students who listened to Reeves.

"Now, I know why my mom always says, 'I'm going to be saving dimes and pennies for when you need to go to college,'" said Leia Swilley, another student at the school.

The state has two ways to help parents save for college...The Mississippi Pre-paid Affordable College Tuition Program, and The Mississippi Affordable College Savings Plan.