Realtors: National woes not hurting Hub

Members of the Hattiesburg Association of Realtors say when getting the best deal on residential or commercial property, the place to buy is Hattiesburg.

The association held a new conference Wednesday to tout the growth and stability of the greater Hattiesburg real estate market and local economy.

Members say the perceived national level of high interest rates and inflated pricing is not a representation of the Hub City. The area's diversity is cited as one reason.

"Lots of industries here that feed off each other... if one industry maybe something is lagging we seem to always have something that comes in and takes its place," says Sue Gallaspy, president of the association. "We're a little bit insulated from the national things that are happening."

Members say when considering affordability, the Hattiesburg market is at the top of the list when compared to the rest of the state.