Mississippians pick 12 favorite architectural landmarks

The Longwood Plantation in Natchez has been selected Mississippi's top architectural site by voters participating in a contest organized by the American Institute of Architects Mississippi chapter.

The chapter president, David Hardy, said the list of top 12 favorite landmarks show Mississippians lean toward history, spirituality, good stories and sentimental spots.

Hard said almost 24,000 people visited the chapter's website to vote for five favorites from a pre-selected list of 32.

The Mississippi chapter held the eight-week contest in conjunction with AIA's national 150th anniversary, and the result for this state will be a 2008 calendar with photographs of the 12 winners.

AIA Mississippi is inviting photographers to submit images of the 12 winners, and the top in each one will be featured in the calendar. Deadline is September 30th.

The top 12 sites with their vote totals were:

  1. Longwood, Natchez: 1,809
  2. Windsor Ruins, Port Gibson: 1,304
  3. Biloxi Lighthouse: 1,153
  4. Mississippi State Capitol: 1,100
  5. Dunleith, Natchez: 1,034
  6. Beauvoir, Biloxi: 1,013
  7. Old Capitol Museum, Jackson: 992
  8. Woodworth Chapel, Tougaloo College: 977
  9. St. Richard Catholic Church, Jackson: 960
  10. Mississippi Governor's Mansion, Jackson: 873
  11. Chapel of the Cross Episcopal Church, Madison: 851
  12. Bailey Magnet High School, Jackson: 795

For more details, visit http://www.aiams.org -- AIA Mississippi's website.