Citizens upset over condition of cemetery forming oversight committee

7 On Your Side has an update on the Sunset Gardens cemetery story we've been following in the last few weeks.  Today, a group of concerned citizens of Sunset Gardens in Laurel met in that cemetary to form a committee.

It will include up to 8 members who will work hand-in-hand with the state to make sure the property is being properly taken care of.  Since our last report, we have not heard from the overseer of the cemetery, but someone has cut the grass.

Also, we've learned that Sunset Gardens is in bankruptcy and the owner has allegedly walked away with over $100,000.

Meanwhile, state officials have confiscated all the documents belonging to Sunset Gardens.

"The state told me that in 2 weeks they will be through investigating all the records and if any law had been broken they're going to prosecute," said Carlson Biglane, one of the concerned citizens.

7 On Your Side's Ontario Richardson will have more on this ongoing story next week.