Tancredo: Time to stop funding post-Katrina recovery

Republican presidential candidate Tom Tancredo

says it's time to stop "runaway government spending" on

post-Hurricane Katrina recovery efforts.

Louisiana's governor, Kathleen Blanco, called the statement "an

insult to Americans in need."

The Colorado congressman, a presidential candidate, said

"enough is enough," aiming to head off requests for more money to

help New Orleans recover from the hurricane that ravaged the city

and much of the Gulf Coast two years ago this week.

His statement comes two days after President Bush visited New

Orleans and promised residents "better days are ahead" and "we

haven't forgotten, and won't."

Katrina smashed through levees in New Orleans and flooded 80

percent of the historic city on August 29th of 2005. It also

obliterated coastal Mississippi and killed 1,600 people.