Head of Katrina military relief visits soldiers bound for Middle East

The man responsible for coordinating the military's relief efforts after Hurricane Katrina was at Camp Shelby today to visit with soldiers training for duty in the Middle East.  Lt. General Russel Honore' looked on as a company of Mississippi guardsmen took part in a training exercise.

Honore' oversaw the relief efforts of some 50,000 national guardsmen who were deployed to the Gulf Coast after the storm.  He says there are two important lessons to learn from Katrina...prepare and evacuate.

"As you know, we had a great evacuation in Mississippi and a lot of people evacuated, but, most of the people that lost their lives were those that did not evacuate for whatever reason," said Gen. Honore'.  "So, don't be hard-headed about evacuating, don't be stuck on stupid. Evacuate.  You cannot build a building that you can stay in in these hurricanes, regardless of what people tell you," he said.

General Honore' will attend a graduation ceremony for Camp Shelby's new Observer/Controller Academy tomorrow.