Handbag shoppers really "digging" new line of Pine Belt purses

Here's a story you can really dig.  Well, actually you don't have to dig at all and that's the great thing about a new line of purses developed by one senior entrepreneur in Collins.  It's called the No-Dig Purse and it was invented by former clothing designer Jean Magee.

It's distinctive feature is an organizer built right inside.  Magee made her first purse in 2002 and since then, she's made them for people all over the U.S. and beyond.  Included with each purse is a little note with a special Christian message.

"Inside, there's a little money track that has the gospel of Jesus Christ in it and so, it's a personal ministry for me and The Lord has blessed it immensely," says Jean Magee, who makes her purses at her home just west of Collins.

The No-Dig Purse is truly a family business.  Magee's grand-daughters help manufacture the products and her grandson developed her website, www.nodigpurses.com.