Governor Barbour issues 2-year Katrina report

Moving 13 thousand families out of cramped

federal trailers and into permanent homes is the biggest challenge

Mississippi faces two years after Hurricane Katrina.

That's according to a report Gov. Haley Barbour released

assessing Mississippi's recovery from the August 29th 2005 storm.

The mostly upbeat report - published by a governor who is

seeking a second term this fall - says that more than $23.5 billion

of government money has been put into Mississippi's recovery.

Most of that came from the federal government.

The state is asking for another $8.5 million to $10 million in

federal money for environmental projects, including restoration of

the barrier islands.

Barbour says the islands are "speed bumps" for hurricanes.

Some other statistics from the report:

- More than 350 thousand Mississippians have received,

collectively, $1.2 billion in individual assistance from the

Federal Emergency Management Agency.

- 46 billion cubic yards of debris have been removed at a cost

of more than $700 million.

- The number of families living in FEMA trailers has been

reduced from a high of 48,000.