Man found guilty of aggravated DUI in death of 4 passengers

The driver of a vehicle involved in a

crash that killed four people faces sentencing September 7th after

a jury found him guilty of aggravated DUI yesterday (Friday).

The jury found 46-year-old Charles Lepine not guilty of

assaulting a law enforcement officer, however.

He faces up to 25 years in prison.

Lepine was charged after a February 22nd, 2003, crash in which

four people died.

Among the passengers killed was Lepine's 7½-month-old son Lance.

The others killed were Kenneth Verrett, his 2-month-old son

Kenneth Verrett Jr. and Frank Verrett.

Lepine's indictment said he was driving his vehicle with a

blood-alcohol level over the legal limit when he drove off

Mississippi 43 and into a ditch before hitting a culvert.