Barbour, Eaves win big

Republican Gov. Haley Barbour easily won his party's nomination Tuesday, defeating a political unknown in his bid for a second term.

Barbour will face attorney John Arthur Eaves Jr. in the November 6 general election.

Barbour brushed aside a primary challenge from Frederick Jones of Gulfport, who made few campaign appearances.

Barbour says the general election will be "a choice between conservative Republicans versus liberal Democrats."

Eaves says he will continue to criticize what he calls the money changers -- big tobacco, insurance and oil companies. Eaves says they have too much influence on the Barbour administration.

Barbour is a former chairman of the Republican National Committee. His first term as governor has been defined by the state's response to the massive destruction of Hurricane Katrina nearly two years ago.

Eaves defeated three rivals in the Democratic gubernatorial primary. He ran unsuccessfully for a central Mississippi congressional seat in 1996. And, he was briefly in the governor's race in 2003, but dropped out before the Democratic primary.