AG suing Jeff Davis school officials

The Attorney's General office has filed suit in Hinds County Court, demanding that Jeff Davis County School Board members and its Superintendent repay more than a million dollars in misspent funds.

The school board and Superintendent Wayne Fortenberry have been under fire for months for improperly borrowing money against the district's 16th section school fund. The board missed a march deadline to repay the funds and State Auditor Phil Bryant has issued several formal demands for repayment to no avail. Now, the Attorney General's Office has filed a suit seeking 1.4 million dollars plus interest from the six.

The suit is seeking 349,000 dollars each from Superintendent Fortenberry and board members Donald Milloy, Barbara Magee, and Jessie Holloway...and 200,000 dollars each from Billy Boleware and Belinda Bulter. Either the individuals or their bonding company will have to repay the money.