Editorial: Man's Best Friend


July 31, 2007


As we sometimes say in the South, I'm a dog man, though currently without a dog since my bulldog "Lucky" passed away just a short time back.  Being a dog man — or, to be politically correct, a dog person — is simply being someone who loves dogs and has a hard time living without one.  Dogs are not known as man's best friend without good reason and I think they are noble animals that we should cherish and take good care of.   I might get over you stealing my car, but if you mess with my dog you will answer for it one way or the other.

Recently, with the investigation of NFL star Michael Vick's involvement in an illegal dog fighting ring, the rise of popularity of dog fighting, and people's dogs getting stolen for bait, my blood has continued to boil hotter and hotter on this whole issue.

Dogs generally have to be conditioned to become killers.  They are often abused into being mean fighting dogs.  People get their jollies and bet large sums of money on watching two poorly treated domesticated animals maul each other to pieces with the loser often dying or being killed.  Today gruesome tales of "underperforming" dogs being hanged, electrocuted, and shot.  Once trained in blood-lust a dog does indeed become a danger and menace to society.  We've done stories on people who were badly injured by such animals.

Surely, there are some dogs that just have bad wiring to begin with.  We could probably say the same for some people.  But the people who abuse these dogs for sport needed to be taken out and horse-whipped.   They are often the real animals and in my politically incorrect opinion, deserve to be treated just as cruelly as the animals they abuse.  After all, they know they're being cruel — the dog is just reacting to its survival instincts and conditioning.  If these folks enjoy blood-sport so much, let them be men enough to do their own fighting instead of watching a dog do it for them.  That is the act of a coward and someone of low character.

I'm Jim Cameron. Let me know what you think.