Jackson schools prepare for students

Administrators, teachers and staff are busily preparing for the start of school next week.

At Jackson's Brinkley Middle School last week, there were 8-inch sewage pipes exposed out back.

Mud splattered parts of a newly installed tile floor, complete with carefully placed squares of red and blue - the school's colors - along the corridors.

And Principal Leroy Pope smiled as contractors went about their work.

They were fixing those sewage lines. They were waxing the parts of the floor that already have been replaced. And they were working on the other parts - those with the dreary grayish-brown tile that's been down on that floor for who knows how long.

Brinkley's new floors, which replaced asbestos flooring, and some foundation work are part of dozens of projects at Jackson's public schools being financed this summer by the $150 million bond issue voters passed last year.