Homes of Hope for Children raising money for land purchase

Members of one Christian ministry are hoping they'll soon be able to provide a good home for children in need.  The Homes of Hope for Children organization hosted a live and silent auction at the Canebrake golf course clubhouse Friday night.

The funds raised will go towards the purchase of 42 acres of land in Purvis that will be used for a new Christian children's home.  Some 80 local businesses and individuals made donations to the auction, ranging from jewelry and sports items to artwork and vacations.

"The children that come to live with us, this is their home, they're going to live there," said Dr. Michael Garrett, executive director for Homes of Hope for Children.  "And it is going to be as close to a normal home as we can possibly make it.  They're going to go to church together in the community, they're going to go to school together, and they're going to eat their meals together, just like a family does," Dr. Garrett said.

The ministry hopes to provide housing and education to more than a dozen needy children by the fall of 2009.