Double slaying seen as murder-suicide

On Monday afternoon law enforcement officers in Columbia discovered a grisly scene: two dead bodies were found in an apartment in a quiet residential neighborhood.

Authorities are calling the deaths an apparent murder-suicide.

Just past 2 o'clock police in Columbia got the call that two people inside an apartment on Lafayette Street had been shot and killed.

" It appeared that the male subject shot the female subject and sometime later turned the gun on himself," says detective Chris Brumfield.

The gunshot victims were 59-year-old David Bourn and 37-year-old Maria Bourn.

"We retrieved a rifle in the residence," Brumfield says. "We believe that was the weapon that was used."

Authorities say while the bodies were discovered Monday afternoon, investigations reveal the deaths happened late Saturday night or early Sunday morning. The couple had only lived in the apartment for a few months.

"The reports we received from neighbors and family was that they were married approximately two, two and a half months," Brumfield says. "Supposedly they had gotten married in Tennessee. Memphis. We have not denied or confirmed that yet."

Authorities say during the time the couple lived in the apartment, police never received any calls about disturbances. Police say the neighborhood is a quiet one.

Authorities are awaiting autopsy and toxicology results, hoping those reports will give them more information about this case.

— reported by 7 ON YOUR SIDE's Colleen Donovan in Columbia