Same bullet hits 2 cousins at Jones club

Two men are hospitalized after a shooting at a nightclub in Jones County.

Vantivous Ducksworth, 26, and his cousin Michael Ducksworth, 27, both of Soso, are in South Central Regional Medical Center.

Authorities say a single bullet from a 22-caliber handgun hit Vantivous in the right side of his body and traveled through his stomach and came out on the other side.  That same bullet then struck his cousin Michael in his groin.

Sheriff Larry Dykes says the shooting is still under investigation.

"We did take one person into custody, but after the investigation has been ongoing this morning, this person is probably going to be released pending action of the grand jury or possible charges signed by the victim," Dykes says. "So at this point in time we are still under the investigative of it."

Dykes says no charges have been filed so far.