Salvation Army celebrating 100 years in Hattiesburg this month

The 100th birthday celebration for the Salvation Army in Hattiesburg continues.  This morning, a special "Hallelujah Homecoming" service was held at the Hattiesburg Salvation Army's chapel.

Music was provided by a district youth band and chorus.  The organization is marking 100 years of Christian service in the Hattiesburg area.

This morning's message was delivered by Southern District Territorial Commander Max Feener.

"This weekend speaks of the faithfulness of God over the last 100 years to the wonderful City of Hattiesburg," Feener said.  "But, it also speaks to the faithfulness of the salvationists, those who blazed the trail many, many years ago and have now gone to be with The Lord.  So, I see a lot of faithfulness being expressed in this weekend."

A dinner on the grounds was held following the service.

Tomorrow night, the centennial celebration concludes with an annual civic appreciation dinner at the Hattiesburg Train Depot.