Authorities make arrest in Ocean Springs rape

With the help of equipment at the

Biloxi Police Department, authorities in Ocean Springs were able to

identify a man wanted for rape and arrested him early yesterday


Authorities say Jess L- Green admitted abducting and raping one

woman last week and abducting another woman who escaped during an


Ocean Springs Mayor Connie Moran says the arrest was -- quoting

-- "a tremendous relief."

Ocean Springs police had been watching a security video of the

suspect for several days with no luck identifying him.

After Biloxi's equipment was used to clean up the image, an

Ocean Springs department employee recognized Green.

Both attacks happened at night in a Wal-Mart parking lot and

involved petite blondes who agreed to give rides to Green.

He allegedly pulled a gun once inside the vehicles and told the

women to drive away.

The second woman was able to get away during the attempted rape

and ran to a nearby house for help.

Authorities said they found the gun believed to be used in the

attacks near Green's home and are taking DNA samples for testing.