Federal judge rules white Noxubee County voters' rights violated

A federal judge today (Friday) is ruling

that whites' voting rights were violated in Noxubee County.

U-S District Judge Tom S- Lee's ruling comes six months after a

two-week trial in January when Lee heard arguments from both the

Justice Department and the Noxubee County Democrats.

The Justice Department had alleged the Noxubee County Democratic

Party, its chairman Ike Brown and the county Election Commission

practiced racial discrimination against white voters and


The Justice Department has called the situation in Noxubee

County --quote-- "the most extreme case of racial exclusion seen

by the (department's) Voting Section in decades."

Ike Brown, the chairman of Noxubee County's Democratic Executive

Committee, was accused of violating the 1965 Voting Rights Act,

which was written to protect racial minorities when Southern states

strictly enforced segregation. The case was the first use of the

act to allege discrimination against whites.

Noxubee County is a rural area along the Alabama line with a

majority black population.