1,200 question TVA over new reactor

More than 1200 people around the country flooded the TVA with form letters and personal comments opposing the federal utility's plans to build a second nuclear reactor at the Watts Bar station in Tennessee.  A handful of letters were supportive.

The form letters addressed general concerns about nuclear power, radioactive waste and security as well as some specific worries about raising water temperature in the Tennessee River, which supports Watts Bar's cooling towers some 50 miles south of Knoxville.

TVA responded in a 160-page supplemental environmental impact statement to be published Friday in the Federal Register.

The statement found that there was no significant environmental impact if TVA decides to complete construction and operate Unit Two at Watts Bar.

TVA provides electricity to 158 distributors serving about 1.8 million consumers in Tennessee and parts of Kentucky, Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia, North Carolina and Virginia.