Officials asking for citizen input into new comprehensive plan

The City of Hattiesburg is putting together a new blueprint for its future over the next 20 years.  It's called a comprehensive plan and city officials are hoping you will help them complete the project.

Today, the first of two open house events for the plan was held at the Sigler Center next to Hattiesburg High School.  Residents were encouraged to write down ideas about recreation, housing and beautification.  City officials will look at the ideas and try to incorporate them into the plan.

"What we're doing is handing out post-it pads and the public is allowed to go around the room and put the post-its under different areas of interest they may have concerns," said Virginia Lisovicz, long-range planner for the City of Hattiesburg.

A second open house for the comprehensive plan will be held at the Sigler Center Saturday from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.

The city's first comprehensive plan was adopted in 1988.  Officials hope this new plan will be ready for adoption by the City Council sometime in 2008.