Alderwoods' suit against David Riemann dropped

The Riemann family is back in business, having repurchased the funeral home operation it previously sold to Alderwoods Group Incorporated.

The family says a lawsuit brought by Alderwoods against David Riemann for opening competing business Gulf Coast Funeral Home has been dropped.

Alderwoods was known as Loewen Group International when it bought Riemann Funeral Homes in the late 1980s for just under $5.6 million.

The company kept the Riemann name and employed members of the family until September 30th when Chad Riemann, his father David, his uncle Michael and several other employees resigned.

Alderwoods contends that by starting the new funeral home the Riemanns violated an agreement not to compete against their company. It asked a federal judge to shut down the new business. The lawsuit had not gone to trial.

Riemann Funeral Homes and Gulf Coast Funeral Homes will continue to operate on the Coast. The family now has four locations on the Mississippi coast and plans to open one in Long Beach in July.