Police say crime is down because of help from residents

Hattiesburg Police officials are telling neighborhood organizations that it pays to team up with officers to fight crime.  Acting Police Chief Frank Misenhelter told members of the Arcadia-Sunset Neighborhood Association tonight that teamwork between citizens and authorities has helped decrease crime.

He says so far this year, there's been a 17% drop in major crime in the Hub City.  Misenhelter was one of several city officials to answer questions from residents at a meeting at the food court at the Cloverleaf Mall.

"Any suspicious activity they see in their neighborhood, we encourage them to call the police department and call their neighbors,"  Chief Misenhelter said.  "It was evident in the Oaks District that they partnered together with their neighbors and they were able to make a difference in reducing crime and were able to actually catch some suspects.  We encourage that participation and with that participation, we are going to reduce crime," he said.

This was a quarterly meeting of the neighborhood association.