Two arrested in rash of mini-storage burglaries

Purvis Police say they've arrested the men responsible for a rash of storage warehouse burglaries in the area.  Investigators say 30-year-old Bobby Darrell Pearson and 20-year-old Michael Wayne Woodard allegedly stole thousands of dollars worth of furniture, appliances and power tools from several storage warehouses in Purvis in the last four months.

Police say they may also be connected to similar thefts in Hattieburg, Petal and other parts of Lamar County.

"Most of the mini-storages come with the round locks but, they (Pearson and Woodard) were finding ones that had the Masterlocks on them, then taking a hammer and knocking the Masterlocks off, then putting their own Masterlocks on with their own key," said Captain Richard Pack of the Purvis Police Department.  "That way, if you go by there during the daytime, if you saw someone walk up there with a key, you never did suspect anything...either someone was moving in or moving out," Captain Pack said.

The two suspects are scheduled to make their first appearance in Purvis Municipal Court Friday morning.