Grandfather mourns grandson's murder

41-year-old Collins resident Donald Ray Wheeler was found dead in his home Thursday night.  The victim's grandfather, Paul McGee, says his grandson was a former drug dealer who was turning his life around.

"They killed my boy for his little money," says McGee.

Authorities say the victim was found dead in his home on Longino Street in Collins.  McGee says he lives just around the corner from his grandson and didn't hear any gunshots on the night the victim was killed.

"I thought maybe it was a burlgary. The police came and I thought they were looking for who broke in. I still didn't pay much attention to it," says McGee.  He says police were crowded around the victim's home; it was another grandson who came and told him what happened.

Authorities say Wheeler was shot once in the back of the head.  His body was slumped over his computer in an upstairs bedroom.

But his grandfather says he can't understand why.  Financially, McGee believes, the victim was fine.  Wheeler allegedly inherited money from the deaths of his brother and mother nearly four years earlier.

McGee does admit his grandson served eight years in prison for drugs.  "It brought him around you know," he says.  "When you flash a little change around like that, people think you still dealing drugs. I don't think so.  If he was, he was fooling me."

Collins police say they have very few leads in the case.  "We have a couple of people of interest. That's as far as I can go with it right now," says Collins Police Chief Bob McKee.

Police say this is the first murder in Collins in nearly two years.