New stink over Petal sewage

Some Petal residents say sewage is overflowing around their homes and the city is doing nothing about the situation. But Mayor Carl Scott says that's not the case.

Citizens say the lift station on Panther Drive failed over two months ago.  Since then a diesel pump has temporarily been installed, but residents say it malfunctions too, causing sewage to back up into the neighborhood.

They claim Petal officials should have already repaired the lift station by now.

"We pay enough in taxes. Our sewer rates are going up.  We believe somebody ought to fix this problem," says Michael Bustin.

Scott says the city is waiting for the proper parts to be delivered before workers can do repairs.

"As fast as we get them in we're installing them, so it's not like it's a delay on the city's side," Scott says.

Scott says it usually takes three to six months for the parts to be delivered.