Lake Bogue Homa to close for dam repair

One of South Mississippi's favorite fishing spots will close for a long while for repairs after Memorial Day.  The 70-year-old Lake Bogue Homa east of Laurel will be completely drained, so that an earthen dam on the north end of the lake can be re-built.  Work on the lake's basin will also be done.

After the lake is re-filled and the fish re-stocked, it could take more than two years before fishing is allowed to resume.

"We need to reconstruct the dam, renovate the dam so that it will hold water better, it's got a little seepage to it, and this is something we do on several of our lakes all over the state just to do renovation work," said Ron Garavelli, Director of Fisheries for the Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries and Parks.

He says the earthen dam on the 1,200 acre lake was only designed to last about 50 years.