No fishing: Bogue Homa Lake to be drained

Jones County area boaters and fishermen are going to be high and dry for the next couple of years as the state plans to drain Lake Bogue Homa.

Officials with the Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries, and Parks say they plan to lower the lake by at least five feet in order to make repairs to the decades-old levee.

The levee is overgrown and partially covered by downed trees from Katrina, and the lake suffered a major fish kill as a result of the hurricane.

The nearly thousand-acre lake is a favorite for fishermen and boaters, but officials say no one will be able to fish in the lake for nearly three years while the lake is being restocked.

Officials say the dam, built in 1939, is not in danger of collapsing. The state plans to spend over $800,000 repairing it.