Motion denied for new trial in million dollar Katrina case

A federal judge denied State Farm Fire and

Casualty Company's request for a new trial today (Friday) in a

Hurricane Katrina case that could cost the company more than

one-point-two (m) million dollars.

Judge L-T Senter Junior saw no reason to grant a new trial to

State Farm, which lost a January jury trial in a lawsuit brought by

Biloxi residents Norman and Genevieve Broussard.

Senter presided over that trial. He took part of the case out of

jurors' hands and ruled that State Farm is liable for

223-thousand-292 dollars in damage to the Broussards' home.

Senter said State Farm failed to prove that Katrina's storm

surge was responsible for all the damage to the Broussards' home.

Jurors in that case awarded two-point-five (m) million dollars

in punitive damages against State Farm, but Senter later reduced

the award to one (m) million dollars.

A State Farm spokesman says the company is not surprised by the


The company plans to appeal the ruling to the fifth U-S Circuit

Court of Appeals.