WDAM History


In the summer of 1956, every television set in south Mississippi had their rabbit ears pointed at the only TV station in the pine belt region.

On June 9, 1956, WDAM TV was born. The station cal letters were the result of the owner's initials...David A. Madison. At the time, the station operated on channel 9 and carried both ABC and NBC signals. It was assigned to Hattiesburg with the approval of dual designation, Hattiesburg- Laurel. In September 1959, as result of channel 9 moving to Baton Rouge, WDAM TV changed to channel 7, allocated to Laurel and the approved dual designation was reversed to Laurel- Hattiesburg. Simultaneously, with the change in channel numbers came the sale of the station. The corporation that held the license at the time was South Mississippi Broadcasting, Inc.  In 1967, the corporation acquired its second station WCFT TV, channel 33 in Tuscaloosa, AL. and with that purchase came the corporate name change to Service Broadcasters, Inc. and on Jan. 1, 1978, Beam Communications purchased the stations from Service Broadcasters, Inc. On June 7, 1989 the corporate name was changed to Beacon Communications. On August 20, 1990, Federal Broadcasting purchased the station from Beacon Communications. March 31, 1997 the stations were purchased by Raycom Media, Inc. Since then, Raycom Media has grown to 53 stations in number and is one of the largest Broadcasting corporations in the country. WDAM TV employs approximately 90 people, in several departments such as news, sales, programming, creative services, production, traffic, engineering and the business office.

Technology plays a major role in broadcasting. The ability to do live remote reports with our microwave truck put us at breaking news events as it happens. Recent years have seen the expansion of our own internet website, wdam.com, with streaming video. We also provide wdamtogo.com, that puts WDAM on your web based cell phone or hand held device. We also now broadcast our digital channel that broadcast 3 separate channels of high definition signal. Now more than ever we can provide the pine belt with the news, sports, weather and current events ...24 hours a day...7 days a week.

WDAM TV continues our commitment to our viewers. Now more than ever, we prove News 7 is on your side...and stands ready to serve the Pine belt.