Laurel 'robbery' not what it first seemed

Two Jackson men arrested earlier have now been released after an employee at a Laurel car dealership allegedly made a false 911 call.

Friday afternoon Laurel police reported they were involved in a high-speed chase after an employee of Robinson Auto Sales in Laurel made a 911 call stating four black males robbed the dealership and took his cash.

Police say once the men were taken into custody and had a chance to tell their side of the story, what once appeared as an armed robbery was actually a scam involving the employee of the dealership.

"A lot of time and it's sad but sometime we get individuals who give us incorrect information and they do that purposely," says says LPD's Michael Reaves. "A lot of time that makes our job more difficult because we have to wade through the details to try to get to the actual occurrence."

Police say the employee of Robinson dealership could be facing charges for making a false 911 call.